December 24, 2016

Selected Videos

‘Osheen’ for CBC – The Exhibitionists – CBC Arts
CBC producer – Lise Hosein, written + directed – Duncan McDowall, Producer – Before the Wire – Dec. 2016

Osheen Harruthoonyan’s family story stretches across the globe. From his Italian grandmother orphaned in India to his own upbringing spanning Greece, Iran and Canada and later moves from Vancouver to Toronto to Montreal, Harruthoonyan’s world seems to always be spinning.Perhaps that’s why this photographer is drawn to create images of space — planets, stars, galaxies that by the moment we see them are already in the past. Part of Harruthoonyan’s family history is intertwined in the Armenian genocide, with other pieces of their past left in places whose names have now changed. For the Montreal-based artist, the universe is always changing — and always related to his own memory and history.
Written by Lise Hosein


Visions of an Alternate Earth: How One Photographer Is Merging Science & Art
Daily VICE – November 2016

Osheen Harruthoonyan has been looking into space for inspiration for years. But the photographer is also fascinated with biology and life’s inner workings. In the lab, he mixes his own chemicals and uses tools better suited for dentistry and medicine. His new exhibition is on now in Toronto and premieres in Montreal later this month. We met him at a Montreal darkroom to see his unorthodox process and find out why he says looking at his photos is like looking through a telescope and a microscope at the same time.


Saw the Splendor Exhibition – InnerSPACE, Space Channel,Bell Media – interview by Amy Pagnota, Produced by Tim Powis + Amy Pagnotta – Aug. 2013